Scoping study of the requirements for the development of CaneMAPPs

Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

The present project aims to assess the requirements of developing the digital platform—CaneMAPPS: Cane Mapping and Analysis for Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability—to enable growers to optimise their farming operations to achieve productivity and profitability at a farm level at the same time ensuring compliance with legislation and community expectations regarding environmental sustainability. CaneMAPPS is envisaged as a central singular platform for farm data collection, processing and reporting across a wide range of applications from paddock-specific management to whole-farm analysis and up to regional/whole-of-industry performance and impact-reporting. Its use will facilitate transition and adoption of industry-best and sustainable practices by growers and facilitate compliance to government regulations and legislations. We will conduct a review and scoping study that will inform the design of the CaneMAPPS to ensure that the tool will 1) be fit-for-purpose enabling integration of and development upon the industry’s best management practices 2) take advantage of the most efficient and recent technologies in digital solutions for agriculture in a cost effective manner.

Yunru (Chloe) Lai
Yunru (Chloe) Lai
Research Fellow - Soil and Crop Modelling

My research interests include pedometrics, empirical and mechanistic soil and crop modelling.