A conceptual framework for the modelling of sodicity constraints to crops

Photo by Renzo Dsouza on Unsplash

Despite their negative consequences to crop yield, how soil constraints interact with plant physiological processes is poorly understood. I will develop a conceptual modelling framework that integrates the biophysical and biogeochemical processes by which soil constraints impact crops to unravel the complex soil-plant interactions that occur in cropping systems. Sodicty is the focus in this pilot as it presents both physical and geochemical constraints to crop growth. Interfaced with existing crop models, the framework will streamline future multidisciplinary research aimed at addressing soil constraints by facilitating the discovery of novel avenues for soil management and improving our mechanistic understanding of the soil-plant system.

Yunru (Chloe) Lai
Yunru (Chloe) Lai
Research Fellow - Soil and Crop Modelling

My research interests include pedometrics, empirical and mechanistic soil and crop modelling.